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GREETINGS! If you've never been to SCREECH.WS before, welcome to the site. This automotive oriented site deals primarily with the vehicle platforms you find displayed down the left side of the page, namely the '73-'77 GM A-body midsized cars, the '82-'96 GM A-body midsized cars, and the '90-'96 GM U-body APV vans. Contributions of related sites, pictures, magazine articles and the like are always welcomed. Each catagory is designed to provide viewers with pictures, info and links for these platforms. As time permits, this site will continue to grow and will hopefully be useful, if not mildly entertaining, to at least a few of those who stumble upon it. Enjoy!

UPDATE! It has been forever and a day since this site was live on the Internet. I imagine that most people that used to visit it have long since forgotten about it. But just in case you happened upon an old post on a website or the Johnny Lightning replica of my '76 Cutlass Supreme with the website address on the back window, I figured I'd throw the page back up, even if just as a placeholder for now. I will eventually add a contact form if you wish to get in touch with me, but for now, just know that I'm still here.
- Screech     

2015.10.24 SCREECH.WS website goes live again for the first time in years.
2012.09.30 I just finished an engine swap on my '91 ECLB K1500 pickup as it no longer passed emissions testing in June. It's L03 305ci TBI engine was removed and replaced with an L05 350ci TBI from an '89 C1500. I used all wiring and the computer from the L03, with the exception of the throttle position sensor which used a different connector on the '89 engine. The manifolds were axed in favor of direct replacement stainless headers and the exhaust was replaced with all Walker parts. The power-sucking clutch fan was also removed from the equation, with cooling duties being passed off to an '82-'96 A-Body electric cooling fan, controlled by an aftermarket relay kit from Derale Performance (derale.com), triggered by either the rad-mounted temperature probe or an always-hot switch on the dash. The rig flew through the emissions test and now has power to spare on the highway, and it can actually get up to speed in a reasonable time when pulling a loaded trailer!

Prior to the truck's swap I removed the drivetrain from the '93 Deville I had in the shop before shipping the carcass off to storage in order to reclaim some needed room. The Deville is now back, ready to be stripped to retain the necessary parts for the 4.9L installation into the '95 Trans Sport van. While I had hoped to make a start on this swap earlier this year, it may be into the spring before I actually make some headway on this. I will, of course, post news items about this swap as things progress.
2011.12.19 The '89 Ciera International coupe has finally returned home after being in storage for a much longer period of time than originally anticipated. Hopefully during the slower winter months the car can be readied for the Northstar swap, anticipated for this coming summer. The upper rad support still needs to be replaced due to the accident that landed the car in the scrap yard in the first place. The hood, cowl panel and header panel were replaced when the coupe was first acquired, but the whole front will need to be disassembled to install the NOS rad support. It should be fun. :)
2011.12.13 Today I dropped the carcass of a '96 Ciera off at a local scrap yard, but not before all major harnesses and the OBD-II components could be removed, along with the good dash and other parts. The OBD-II brackets and harnesses will likely be utilized for the Northstar/Getrag installation into the '89 Ciera International coupe, hopefully commencing in the spring/summer of 2012. The donor engine will likely be a '96-'99 VIN-9 4.6L Northstar. 1996 was the only year that the A-body platform received OBD-II electronics - the first year for nationwide OBD-II requirements, and the final year of A-body production.

The '93 Deville still sits in the shop, patiently waiting. The deconstruction of the Ciera ended up being undertaken unexpectedly, and took longer than anticipated. However, there is now enough room for the '89 Ciera coupe and the '76 Cutlass to return from storage. That should be happening later this week.
2011.10.06 Right, right - so the 4.9 swap hasn't started yet. I've been concentrating on organizing the shop before dropping another two drivetrains on the floor. :) At least the shop's clearer than it's been in years!! Updates will follow soon, I promise.
2011.08.17 NEW PROJECT!! I purchased a 1995 Trans Sport back in January to replace the totalled 1992 TP which had the Series I supercharged 3800 installed. The '95 will be getting a 4.9L V8 from a 1993 Deville. I would like to try to have this swap at least in running order to take to the local cruise nights for the Labour Day weekend here in Ontario. That's basically two and a half weeks away. Possible? Yeah. Likely? Let's see how it goes. :)
2010.12.13 Well, this is kind of old news now, but I figured I'd post it in case anyone that cared hadn't heard yet - the L67 Trans Sport is no more. Back on September 9, 2010 another driver began to turn in front of me as I was crossing an intersection with an 80km/h (50mph) speed limit, and I was unable to avoid a collision, hitting him head on. I was able to limp the van a mile or so down the road to where it has sat in storage awaiting disassembly. I still need to acquire another van before I decide what will become of the ol' girl, you know, just in case I need parts, or an L67, for it. :)
2009.12.25 The Trans Sport has been back on the road now for the past few days with the L67 Supercharged 3800 install completed and running. There are only a couple minor kinks to work out, but for the most part everything went very well and I have been rather impressed with the van's revitalized "youthful vigor". :) Over 400 digital images and with a few minutes of video footage were captured and almost a half dozen pages of updated wiring diagrams had to be written surrounding this swap! It all seemed so simple in my head when I was planning the swap, and I had anticipated having it done inside of two weeks. I suppose if I had been able to ONLY focus on it, that might have been the case. Unfortunately, life's not like that. Anyway, I will do my best to get more info posted as soon as possible about the L67 install. Who knows - maybe this will be the impetus I need to get the actual content pages of the site populated after all this time! :))
2009.11.04 The Trans Sport's engine bay is now completed as far as the supercharged 3800 install goes. The only thing left is the wiring under the dash. I have a couple of modules to add in order to make the van run properly. As I did not have the computer reprogrammed to remove the VATS I need to install the PassKey module and ignition cylinder, and I also need to install the multifunction chime module from the Park Avenue to control the two-flow electric power steering. This feature basically provides full power assist at speeds below 20mph, and drops some of the assist for a greater "road feel" when travelling above 20mph. It seems odd that they used the MFCM to control this, but, that's what they did. Thankfully I purchased the factory service and wiring manuals when I purchased the Park Ave, or I would have had NO IDEA about how some of this stuff was wired!
2009.10.15 So, obviously I didn't get the info posted about the drivetrain swap in the van by the end of July. There's two reasons for that - the first is that it's still not done as I ran into a few extra hurdles to get over, and I ended up having a few weeks at work that pretty much precluded any work getting done. The second reason that I didn't get anything published was that I was keeping the actual details of the swap a secret for a while, but no longer. The drivetrain actually came out of a '92 Buick Park Avenue Ultra, and it therefore includes a VIN 1 Series I 3800 Supercharged. The cradle is bolted in the van, and partially connected. The cooling system still needs to be hooked up under the hood, and the underdash wiring needs to be completed. There were 7 wires that needed to be added to the Trans Sport's engine wiring harness, which have been run into the cabin and await connection to the Park Avenue's ECM. I will be posting the info on this swap as I have been taking MANY pictures along the way to capture as much detail and info as possible. It will take some time to get it all sorted out, but I will post it a bit at a time so it won't be forever before any content is up. I'll get a picture up soon, I promise. :)